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On the morning of June 28, the world's first dry mixed mortar storage tank powder coating line was successfully piloted in Tsukiji Group. The successful off-line production of the first product represents another breakthrough in the field of powder coating in the field of high-rise workpiece coating.


The coating line uses a fully automated energy-saving and environmental protection process, including product pretreatment, electrostatic automatic powder, drying, curing, strong cold and other multi-process process.

Features of the project include:

1, the size of the workpiece is large

 Dry mixed mortar storage tank workpiece height of 7.5 meters, width of 3.5 meters, this set of spray room system in the spray room import platform configuration robot re-injection, reduce labor intensity;

2, dry mixed mortar storage tank bottom structure complex

 The two sets of robot systems configured by this powder-spraying system are sprayed against the bottom bracket of the workpiece, which greatly improves the spraying efficiency of the reciprocating machine.

3, product structure is relatively single

 Innovative spray automation solution, according to the characteristics and singleness of the workpiece, the workpiece using a single point hanging method, the cloth gun method for fixed spray gun and reciprocating way, the workpiece in the spray room system rotation, one side of the reciprocating machine automatic spraying, a good solution to the workpiece of the tank and the top of the spray ingest, greatly improve production efficiency.



International first "dry-mixed mortar storage tank" powder coating line trial production success

2019年2月27日 18:26