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Pure epoxy powder coating can be used for interior furniture

Port: Guangzhou, China
production capacity: 3000T/Year
Payment Terms: L / C,T / T.
Color: Yellow
Gloss: High Gloss
Main Material: polyester resin
Level: Finish coat
Spray: Electrostatic spray
Certificated: RoHS,ISO9001,Reach and so on.
¥ 28.00
原价: ¥42.00

服务:  ・ 30天无忧退货・ 48小时快速退款・ 满88元免邮・ xx自营

  • Product Description:

    Pure epoxy powder coating is a coating made of epoxy resin as the main raw material and formulated with amine curing agent. It has excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties, and is suitable for corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and the coating of metal products with high flexibility has high requirements, because of poor weather resistance, long-term outdoor exposure is easy to yellow powder, it is generally not recommended to be directly used for surface coating of various outdoor products.



    Excellent chemical resistance

    Excellent corrosion resistance

    Good electrical insulation properties

    Excellent coating leveling performance

    poor weather resistance, not recommended for outdoor products


    Scope of use

    instrument, instrument housing

    Electronic equipment, motor insulation package

    Building reinforcement

    pipeline anti-corrosion


    Technical Parameters